Thursday, January 8, 2009


We are arrogant, proud and selfish people. And this whole idea of Bulverism is derived from our imperfection. Lewis describes bulverism as the way that we tend to attack the person instead of the ideas or reason behind the beliefs. After we attack them, then we explain that automatically discredit their argument and count it as invalid. We don't even consider there to be a possibility of them being correct. But Lewis thinks that we should examine things both objectively and logically. We cannot just use one or the other. (This ties into the assistance that I wrote about for 'Toolshed').
One of things that struck me hardest was when he explained that we first why the person is wrong and then we explain why they are wrong. The only way that this can be achieved is if bulverism is done away with.
C.S. Lewis also states that there are 2 things that cause our thoughts. 1) Ordinary causes and 2) Reason. "Bulverism tries to show that the other man has causes and not reasons and that we have reason but not causes." He then goes on to explain that "Either we can know nothing or thought has reason and no causes."
I think that C.S. Lewis has many good thoughts on the subject. Like I wrote earlier, the connection to 'Toolshed' struck me in a positive way. We need both objectional thinking and logical thinking to be able to find the truth. But we need the help of a Supernatural (God) in order to use reason to make our way to those truths.

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