Thursday, January 15, 2009

Screwtape Letters

Wow. Talk about thinking. This letter put a whole new perspective on my life. A lot of the time, I think about the bad things I do. And when I say the "bad things" I mean like big sins. I completely forget about the swear words that constantly flow from my mouth. I discount "small" sins because they have become acceptable to me. I have made a habit out of so many bad things, and that is almost more dangerous than anything else in this world.
In this chapter, Screwtape is explaining to his nephew about how not to work on his patient too hard but to gradually work him towards Hell. "For this reason, I am almost glad to hear that he is still a churchgoer." This quote is perfect. It is showing that the Devil is working slowly on its patients. They do not realize what real trouble they are in. They think they are still doing the right things and being a good person. The gradual road is the safest road to Hell. Just thinking of that scares me so much. I realize what a bad person I am and how fallen I am.
In this essay, near the end, they talk about the younger devils wanting to report "spectacular wickedness". But Screwtape is quick to counter that and say that smaller sins are just as important in breaking Christian's down. We are so fallen, and are so ashamed of the "bigger" sins we commit and we aren't ashamed of the smaller stuff. Like I was saying swearing, white lies, drinking. There are so many things that I mess up but have accepted. God is so full of grace that it blows my mind, that he could save me, that he could love me, that he could care about me. He is so loving and forgiving, and I need to start living for Him and fulfilling His will.

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