Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man or Rabbit?

The class really got involved for this discussion. It really seemed to get a lot of people excited and to participate. When I read this, I was not focusing on Predestination or Free Will. I was trying to answer the question that was originally asked. Can people live good lives without knowing Christ? My first response is yes. But that all depends on what the definition of good is. If good is monetary and possession-ary, then yes people could live good lives without Christ. People work hard to make a lot of money and to have the nicest things. They are happy. They work hard and are rewarded for it. But I don't believe that Lewis thinks of it the way I just described. Basically, I understood Lewis to be saying that a good life would include a love for God and a devotion to Him.
One thing that interested me was the Materialist and the Christian. We have a lot of similarities, but at the same time, we are striving for things that are so different. We, as Christians, strive for unity with God. We want a personal relationship with Him. Materialists strive for happiness in other aspects of life. Over time these two groups will begin to differ in their views. Education, values, money. We have different views on all of them.
Another thing that interested me was when someone asked "Is this fair?" There are so many people who have never been exposed to the gospel, how does God deal with them? It's always been a question I have thought about deeply. And I really would just assume that God decides on a case by case basis. So many people reject Christ, and they have made their choice. People are ignorant and purposefully don't want to learn about Christianity.

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