Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plantinga Ch. 4

Redemption. One thing that I found very interesting while reading this was an analogy from a quote on pg. 85. "when anyone prays alone in his closet, the whole church prays with him in affection and desire." This struck me hard because sometimes I feel so alone in the world. But I need to remember how much Christ loves me and is always there for me. The body of believers should be a community in which they care for one another. And sometimes, like right now for instance, I need a group to care about me. It isn't that my issues are more important than others, but I am having a hard time dealing with life right now. I hate the way I feel all the time, I hate not being happy. But I am never alone. God is always with me, and I know I have people who care about me and watch over me. So it comforts me to some extent.
The analogy that I really liked in this chapter was talking about a bike and all the different spokes that connect it together. Everyone is from a different area, a different style, a different upbringing. But we all meet at Christ. It doesn't matter if you are CRC, Catholic, Lutheran, Nondenom, we all meet together in Christ and work as one to put things into motion. One spoke alone couldn't do it. But everything together makes it possible. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" is one of my favorite verses and it fits here perfectly. If everyone believes that, then things will be accomplished together.

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