Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plantinga Ch. 5

The first thing I noticed while reading this chapter was in the second paragraph. It says how the people of God were crying out and pouring their hearts out for redemption. And it seemed as if they wanted personal redemption. But in their minds it went so much farther than just personal salvation. They ask for redemption throughout the land. They ask for a righteousness for the people of the land. They want God to change things and make everything better, for everyone. So many times I think about myself and what I want. Not caring about others in the slightest. I guess that is our nature, and the world tells us that is the right way to think. But caring for others and wanting redemption so that everyone is better off will help this world out so much.
Today was the inauguration of Barrack Obama. Now although I did not vote for him, I do believe he can do something to change this nation. What does this have to do with Plantinga Ch. 5? Well, not everyone wanted Obama, but the decisions he makes will hopefully be better for our country as a whole. He will be scrutinized for every decision, but we want and need a righteousness throughout this great land of ours. Hopefully Obama can make good sound decisions and fix some of the problems our country has been having recently.
While reading this I began to picture in my mind what the union of us and God will be like. When we get to hang out with God and just dwell among Him in His kingdom. My mom once told me, "however great you think it's going to be, times that by 1,000,000 and you still won't be close!" God is such a perfect creator and such an amazing being it is hard to fathom His greatness.
When times are good, we don't pray for the kingdom to come as we should. My life has been a complete disaster recently. I'm not much of a complainer. I like to grit my teeth and bear it. But the Sunday, before my finals started, my girlfriend called me at 1 am. She wanted to "talk". We broke up later that night. That was just the start of it. Monday morning before my first exam, my dad called me and told me that he had just lost his job, and on top of that, both of his parents were going into the nursing home later the next day. And remember, I still had to take finals. My life was torn down, before Christmas, I was praying for God to do something to help me out. I just need to learn patience and to pray for God's kingdom to come into existence.

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