Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Meditation in a Toolshed"

While I was reading this all I was thinking about was how I am as a person. I am a very emotional person and I like to "Live and Learn." I use my experiences to grow and to help shape who I am. But the more I read, the more I realized Lewis was explaining the idea that there was never any angle that we look at things that is completely right. People have so many different view points and different experiences that it is impossible to understand them all.
His explanation of the light beam was great. I really liked how he tied in the fact that we cannot know everything on our own. We need assistance to really "see" things. We are dependent on something greater to reveal to us an "absolute truth". We as humans like to think we know it all. But in reality we don't. We need the help of others and above all, God, to help us understand fully the world in all aspects.
I liked the fact that he wrote about how we could deconstruct every scientific explanation. Because my mind doesn't work like that it was a good reminder that not everyone is alike. I have trouble understanding people who are less emotional. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and let them dictate how I behave. Other people think more logically and they like to explain things deeper and scientifically. So this was a good topic for the first day, because it will help me understand other thinkers and respect their thoughts better. Because, after all, we don't know everything on our own. Humans like to think we are perfect and know everything, but we are not. We strive for perfection in all aspects of life, but we cannot reach it on our own. We need assistance to understand better. We can understand scientifically, or have great experiences to teach us, but those alone are not enough. We need both parts to really learn and gain truth.

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